SenZations 2015: Belgrade, Serbia

SenZations 2015 Summer School was held from Sunday (August 31st) to Saturday (Sep 5th)  in Belgrade, Serbia. The 10th SenZations is organized by DunavNET and Business School PAR, Rijeka in collaboration and with support of  the Microsoft (Serbia), University North (Croatia), Politechnic of Rijeka (Croatia),


SocIoTal tutorial (K. Moessner, A. Skarmeta, N. Gligoric): Using SocIoTal platform and other IoT tools to share smart devices in a trusted manner and build secure smart city services (Video)

A. Skarmeta (Univ. of  Murcia): IoT and its application in university campuses 

Nikos Loumis (Univ. of Surrey): IoT Lab Mobile Application (Video)

S. Ziegler: IoT Lab tools for crowd sourced experimentation (Video)

A. Gluhak (Intel Labs): IoT solutions for Cities. Experiences beyond technology design.  (Video)

C. Doukas (CREATE-NET): Using JavaScript and COMPOSE to build cool IoT applications   (Video) (Learn how to use Node.js and JavaScript to program both your IoT hardware and your Cloud application using Open Source tools and the COMPOSE platform. Device sensing and interaction from the Cloud through JavaScript!)

Srdjan Bozovic (Microsoft), Sinisa Perovic (Microsoft): Azure IoT services – overviewMicrosoft Azure and IoT – how to use. (Video)

B. Pokric & DNET team: “Dockerizing” FIWARE Context broker, Complex event processing, protocol adapters and deploying them in cloud: how we used FIWARE and IoT in agriculture (Video)

K. Wrona (NCI Agency): Secure IoT – challenges and potential approaches (Video)

Rob van Kronenburg (IoT Council): Privacy and personal data protection in IoT world. Sharing economy. (Video)

M. Nati (Digital Catapult): Open Innovation in the UK (Video)

E. Calvanese Strinati (CEA-LETI): The role of IoT in 5G: Opportunities and Challenges (Video) 

K. Moessner (Univ. of Surrey): Smart city activities in the UK (Video)

M. Bolic (Univ. of Ottawa): IoT for healthcare: research challenges and best practices (Video)

S. Krco (DunavNET), B. Pokric (DunavNET), A. Skarmeta (Univ. of Murcia), K. Moessner (Univ. of Surrey): Application of IoT in Smart Cities and Agriculture

Srdjan Krco, Ph.D. (DunavNET): The role of the Alliance for IoT Innovation and opportunities in IoT LSP (Large Scale Pilots)

Wrona (NCI Agency): SenZations IoT retrospective



Richard M. Brandt (Iacocca Institute): Leadership is for the Birds

Richard M. Brandt (Iacocca Institute): Technology Joint Ventures

Gordana Nikolic, Ph.D. (Business School PAR): Growing New Business Project through Networking

Dario Zoric (Business School PAR): The process of creating of Business Idea

Richard M. Brandt (Iacocca Institute): The Strategic Pyramid

Petra Karanikic, Ph.D. (Technology Transfer Office at University of Rijeka): Intellectual Property Rights

Petra Karanikic, Ph.D. (Technology Transfer Office at University of Rijeka): Intellectual Property Rights in innovation-based entrepreneurship

Dario Zoric (Business School PAR): How to Design and Write Innovative Project?

Kristina Jazinka Nikolic (Strawbery Energy): Innovation-based entrepreneurship and enhancing the smartness the public spaces

M. Nati (Digital Catapult): Open Innovation in the UK

Petra Karanikic, Ph.D. (Technology Transfer Office at University of Rijeka): Innovative Entrepreneurship: A key of successful growth

Richard M. Brandt (Iacocca Institute): Globalization is going backward 

SenZations 2015 participants project presentations on the subject of Smart Cities and Agriculture (Video):

Team THINKERS (SenZations 2015 winners): Smart planting


Team IoT CrowdSmartWinery


Team OKI DOKI: IoT Farm 2 Mouth (F2M)