SenZations 2008: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The SenZations Summer School 2008 was financed by the EU FP7 projects SENSEI and PROSENSE. The third SenZations took place at the International Postgraduate School at The Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from September 1-5, 2008.

Wireless sensor networks have gained on popularity among the researchers as well as in the industry. The ways in which they interact with the environment are numerous, so they have as much applications, e.g. in Telematics, Telemedicine, environmental monitoring, home automation and control, security and surveillance, industrial processes and agriculture are examples of potential applications of wireless sensor networks.

Wireless sensor and actuator networks (WS&AN) will also have a prominent place in the Future Internet. Some of the global challenges that researchers are faced with are developing an open (and business-driven) architecture, the integration of heterogeneous WS&AN into a common framework of a global scale, making WS&AN services and applications available via an universal interface and - in general - the integration of the physical and the digital world in the Future Internet.

The five days of SenZations where filled with feature lectures and discussions on research topics such as the programming of sensor networks, the Future Internet and WS&AN, the integration of WSN with mobile networks, WSN security , ZigBee vs. Bluetooth, the remote health monitoring, etc.

Additionally, we enjoyed lectures by several esteemed professionals such as:

  • Zach Shelby (Sensinode Ltd.) from IP based WSNs
  • Martin Ouwerkerk (Philips Research): Unobtrusive sensing of emotions in daily life
  • Antoine Fraboulet (INSA Lyon): WSN HW design and experiences from building a test bed
  • Stephan Haller (SAP Research): Internet of Things and Sensor Networks in Enterprise Environment
  • Ivan Stojmenovic (University of Birmingham): Routing in WSN
  • David Simplot-Ryl (INRIA): RFID Tutorial
  • Antonio Ruzzelli (UCD Dublin): Programming WSN
  • Konrad Wrona (NATO C3 agency): Security in WSN
  • Srdjan Krco (Ericsson Ireland Research Centre): Wireless sensing in the Future Internet

All participants had an opportunity to present their own papers and projects and participate in the WSN application competition. Among many valuable presentations, we must emphasize that a homemade Sun SPOT based application was presented as well.