SenZations 2009: Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid, Macedonia

SenZations Summer School has become an annual event on the agenda of wireless sensor network researchers. Covering novel topics in wireless sensor networks and including reputable lecturers, SenZations has attracted many students during the past three events successfully organized in Novi Sad, Warsaw and Ljubljana. The positive feedback from students and lecturers provides a guidance and motivation for continuation of the school.

Co-organized by the EU FP7 projects ProSense and SENSEI, the SenZations 2009 was held in Metropol Lake Resort, Ohrid, Macedonia from 1st to 5th September 2009.

Wireless sensor networks are regarded as one of the top ten technologies that will impact the future life style and industrial products. The diversity of applications makes the WSN an exciting area of research while promising a high potential for enrichment and enhancement of human lives and the society. The appealing applications range from automatic control systems, intelligent buildings and early warning systems up to a variety of environmental monitoring solutions, emergency and disaster detection systems, military surveillance, habitat and structural monitoring, health monitoring and bio-medical application, precision agriculture, traffic management and monitoring, etc.

Wireless sensor networks introduce many research and implementation challenges which are mainly related to the hardware and software constraints of the sensor nodes. Research topics include efficient design, optimized protocols and novel applications. SenZations 2009 lecturers were esteemed members of both the academia and the industry. A tentative list of lecturers is as follows:

Student presentations: ProSense consortium announced the WSN award for the best student work.