SenZations 2011: Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

The 6th Summer School on Applications of IoT and Wireless and Sensor Networks, SenZations 2011 was held in Kotor, Montenegro from August 29 to September 2, 2011. The project was supported/co-organized by: FP7 SmartSantander ( Each day featured lectures with subsequent discussions on important IoT research and technology topics:

  • SmartSantander tutorial - how to use the platform and how to apply for funding available to run experiments
  • Latest IoT standards developments in IETF including 6LowPAN, ROLL and COAP
  • Real-time stream processing: technologies and applications
  • IoT enablers for smart environments and intelligent buildings
  • Security and Privacy for the IoT
  • Real world search and discovery
  • M2M services in mobile networks etc.

Esteemed lecturers of the SenZations 2011 were Zach Shelby (Sensinode), Alex Gluhak (Uni of Surrey), Srdjan Krco (Ericsson), Antonio Ruzelli (CLARITY centre - UCD), Konrad Wrona (NATO C3 Agency), Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic (Uni of Montenegro), Nenad Stojanovic (FZI, Germany), Claudia Villalonga (SAP Research/ETH Zurich), Laurent Herault (CEA-LETI), Luis Munoz (Uni of Cantanbria), DK Arvind (Uni of Edinburgh)