SenZations 2013: Palic, Serbia

Palic, Serbia

The 8th Summer School on Applications of IoT and Wireless and Sensor Networks was held from September 2nd to September 13th 2013 at Palić, Serbia. Excellent lecturers and interesting discussions covered a range of IoT and wireless sensor networking topics.

The Technology track included Alex Gluhak, Michele Nati (UNIS), Daniel Bimschas (Univ. of Lubeck), Luis Sanchez (Univ. of Cantanbria), Srdjan Krco (Ericsson/ Univ. of Belgrade), Stevan Jokic (DunavNET): SmartSantander - How To run experiments(hands-on)

Part 1: An overview SmartSantander facility, its architecture and deployments (part 1A, part 1B)
Part 2: Experimentation with SmartSantander (part 2A, part 2B, part 3C)
Part 3: Programming heterogeneous IoT platforms (part 3A, part 3B)
Part 4: Setting up your own testbed (part 4A, part 4B)

  • Rob van Kronenburg (IoT Council), Djordje Djokic (Bearstech): Privacy Impact Assessments for IoT Projects (part 1, part 2)
  • Pedro Jose Maron (Univ. of Duisburg): Are we Ready to Go Large-Scale? Embedded Technologies for Smart Cities
  • Athina Vakali (Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki): Sensors talk and humans sense (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Business track:

Team assignments, running services/experiments:

The SenZations, as an annual event on the agenda of young talents across Europe and other parts of the world, covered a range of advanced topics from wireless sensor networks to M2M, Internet of Things and their applications with support of excellent lecturers and senior researchers from academy and industry

SenZations 2013 has attracted more than 70 students with an ICT and a Business track.