SenZations 2018: Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka, Croatia

The 13th SenZations Summer School was held at PAR University College in Rijeka, Croatia from August 27th to August 31st, 2018. Excellent lecturers and interesting discussions covered a range of Design Thinking and IoT topics. This year’s edition was co-located with PAR Entrepreneurial Camp.

Known as the oldest summer school of its type in Europe, this international program blends IT, IoT, and M2M with business, excellent lecturers and senior researchers from industry and academia. The SenZations Summer School is held in a different European country each year.

SenZations 2018 offered a platform to discuss the latest technological trends and insights, as well as opportunities to explore working in IT-business blended teams, creating new concepts, business plans, and entrepreneurial ideas. The program enabled the participants to do research in the field of IoT and business by providing valuable experience and knowledge.

    The SenZations program included:

  • Workshop materials prepared by top Lecturers
  • Workshops that help you develop news skills in IoT, M2M, and business
  • Work in blended teams (business and IT experts)
  • Lectures on the latest EU projects in the field
  • Panel discussions with experts
  • Excellent networking with top experts
  • Various social activities (hiking, kayaking, biking, etc.)
  • Additional activities (hackathons, Startup competitions)

The 13th SenZations was jointly organized by DunavNET and PAR University College.